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The speed not only slower than pos laju but also keep failing to deliver the parcel. The first time it states that the estimated time would be 24th october then i start to wait for it.But, it ends up to be start to deliver on 25th only.

I thought I would able to receive it this time. Again, waiting for whole day, the parcel still did not come and the next day the status ends up to become delivery failure! Ive been waiting for it to come for whole day. Plus, on the same day, the customer service did tell me that the delivery service is on progress around 9pm and state that the delivery hour would be until 10pm.

So, I assume that the delivery man would be able to make it before 10pm. At the end, he didnt come and change the status to failure delivery!! Besides, it also rescheduled the time itself without informing me or asking me. Finally, after I contacted cuatomer service, they did rescheduled it to 27th.

But, samw thing happened again.Though the customer service did inform me the delivery is on progress around 9pm but until now 12.08am, he still not yet come! I wonder what the status would be on tomorrow.

I nearly to have heart attack after dealing with this terrible service.Please! I hope every seller would not use Ninja Van as the courier because you are going to torture your customer instead of satisfying them!

Product or Service Mentioned: Ninja Van Delivery Service.

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